Posted On February 12, 2012

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Soo.. I made Lemon Snickerdoodles back in like June. They were amazing. I don’t know how many I ate in one day, but I’m not sure I really want to know. You know what I mean? Anyways.. I used a coarse sugar and a regular granulated sugar to coat the cookies. The coarse sugar just added something special to them, but perhaps next time, I will use a slightly finer sugar. If you want the recipe, check out: Not So Humble Pie

I miss June, the weather, wearing shorts and t-shirts, not having school, and not having to wonder if it’s going to snow. Right now, the weather here is iffy. I don’t trust it. It can’t be February and somewhat warm, so I’m worried that Mother Nature is going to be like “Take that!” and serve us some snow during summer. You never know..


Hello world!

Posted On February 12, 2012

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Hello World.

I sometimes wonder why I have created this blog, but it was time. Time for me to get out into the world and you know..blog. I don’t really know what will become of this blog right now. I will post things that I have baked/cooked and perhaps even some of the books I have read. I might even post some fashion (or my lack of it). I don’t know who will read this exactly, but that’s okay. Wish me luck!